Here are the frequently asked questions that we have compiled to help you find the answers to the problems you are wondering.

Navigating Online Business Challenges & Strategies

We a manufacturer and deals only in wholesale, then why shall I go for online retail orders?
  • Going online is just another strategy of business expansion and creating brand value with the existing resource by making some small changes in the existing process and product allocation.
  • Do not reject the idea of online business without knowing it’s feasibility.
We are selling via our own website and do not want to sell on Third Party Marketplaces (MPs) like Amazon or Flipkart.
  • Whether we like it or not, still Amazon & Flipkart alone captures more than 74% of the online business.
  • Giant third party MPs spend a lot on marketing & promotions; and smart brands take the benefit of this by selling their products on these portals.
Third Party Marketplaces take the advantage of the brand and dilutes the brand value by offering very low prices.
  • Amazon/Flipkart do not sell other brand products directly without approval and not involved in the pricing at all.
  • Sellers are responsible for pricing their brand and without participating in the features like sale, incentives, opt-ins, coupons or others price reduction is not possible.
Online business is a loss making proposition as Returns/Refunds take away all the sellers’ profit.
  • Seller needs to understand the whole e-commerce business in totality and should make provisions for such leakages to cover the loss.
We have tried multiple things but still we are unable to grow our business.
  • We do not question other’s capabilities but we know our strength. Thus before proceeding ahead we will evaluate your brands’ potential initially and accordingly we will plan, implement, monitor, review & revise.


How Ecom Retails can help us?
  • We are a team of experts, thus we sell first and then charge you.
  • We take your brand seriously as your growth is our business goal.
  • We help you establish & grow your brand by designing and implementing right marketing plan.
  • We evaluate your brand then share the plan road ahead with proper milestones.
  • We engage with your brands for mid to long term to ensure we plan, nurture and grow with your brand.
  • We provide you end to end solutions for all your online business query.
  • We look forward to you as a partner rather than a third party client.
We are already listed on Amazon & Flipkart, then why do I need Ecom Retails service?
  • If your products are listed for long but you do not get enough orders for your products.
  • If your orders are not growing beyond a level and your brand is stuck.
  • If you are a manufacturer but want to grow big and position your products as an established brand.
  • If your returns/refunds are increasing and you are unable to control it.
  • If you are looking out ways to increase your margins by optimizing/controlling but do not know how to do.
  • If you are serious about your online business and want to grow beyond normal.